Tom's Hash Explorer

Tom’s Hash Explorer is a free Windows utility that allows you to easily calculate cryptographic hash values for single or multiple files in order to verify file integrity. Supports MD5, SHA-1, and other popular algorithms. Fast multi-threaded computation engine.

Tom's AD Object Recovery

Free Windows utility for querying your Active Directory to find deleted objects and restore them on-the-fly.

The Security Awareness Cycle

Used by security practitioners and organizations all around the world The Security Awareness Cycle is a process methodology that provides a holistic approach to security awareness by focusing on changing high-risk behaviors and reinforcing desired behaviors.

Corrupted downloads

I have received quite a few reports of corrupted downloads over the past few weeks. I believe this is caused by some sort of conflict between the Download Manager plugin and my hosting provider without being able to definitely prove this. I have removed the Download...

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Tom’s AD Object Recovery 1.0

Tom’s AD Object Recovery is a free Windows utility for querying your Active Directory for deleted computer, user, group, or other objects and restore them on-the-fly. After a few months of working on this project I am glad to announce the first release of Tom's AD...

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Welcome to my website! I created this site as a platform to share my contributions to the information technology and information security communities. You may have arrived here because you have come across one of my freeware applications or perhaps you have seen my commentary somewhere on some security forum. I frequently contribute to security related discussions online both here and overseas, especially around the topics of Digital Forensics and Incident Response (#DFIR), Security Auditing, and around Security Awareness. I hope that you will find the content and resources on the site to be worthwhile and I welcome any comments and discussions.

Tom Andreas Mannerud



The Security Awareness Cycle

After the organization have defined its overall security strategy, created and implemented security policies and procedures, defined security roles and responsibilities, and secured management support for a security awareness or security culture program it is time to...

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Building the Foundation for your Security Culture

In order to create and foster a security conscious culture within our organizations it is essential that we first lay the foundation for which to build upon. Just like we would not build a house or a building without a solid foundation to place the remaining structure...

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Creating a Security Culture

Society is changing rapidly and organizations increasingly interconnect in order to keep up with customer demands. The increased use of the Internet to conduct business, the transition from paper to digital media, the increased use of social networks, and the cloud...

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