Step 6: Delivering the Message

The Security Awareness Cycle

The sixth and final step in the Security Awareness Cycle is to deliver your message. This is when you deliver the Security Awareness material to your target audience, which could be the entire organization or a specific group within your organization. The delivery can and should take place via different mediums in order to cater to the various cognitive skills, learning styles, and mental models of your audience. These mediums could be email, newsletters, computer based training (CBT), presentations, group sessions, one on one sessions, and so forth. It is important to choose mediums that are not saturated. Studies show that your audience will retain more information if you apply the concept of micro-learning. Micro-learning is the idea that information should be delivered in smaller chunks in order to not overwhelm your audience.

Step 1: Metrics

The Security Awareness Cycle is a cyclical process methodology and after the final step in the cycle we are taken back to collecting metrics so that we can measure the success of your program and so that you can identify areas in need of improvement.

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