Tom's AD Object Recovery

Quickly find and recover deleted Active Directory objects

Screenshot of Tom’s AD Object Recovery running on Windows 10. Screenshot shows a list of deleted computer objects which can be restored. (Click Image to see it Full Size)

Tom’s AD Object Recovery is a free Windows utility for querying your Active Directory for deleted computer, user, group, or other objects and restore them on-the-fly.

Have you accidentally removed a user or computer object from your Active Directory? Or, needed that Bitlocker Recovery Key for a deleted computer object? Whatever the reason is that you need to recover a deleted Active Directory object, restoring it does not have to be difficult. Tom’s AD Object Recovery provides an innovative user interface that allows you to quickly query all of your deleted Active Directory objects and restore/undelete/recover selected objects with the click of a button. If you have Microsoft’s Active Directory Recycle Bin enabled Tom’s AD Object Recovery will restore objects with all of its attributes intact.


  • Restore deleted Active Directory objects fast and easy through innovative user interface
    • Computer Objects
    • User Objects
    • Group Objects
    • Organizational Units
    • Print Queues
    • Full Volume Encryption Objects (Bitlocker Recovery Keys)
  • Restore AD objects with all attributes intact when Microsoft’s Recycle Bin feature is enabled
  • No domain controller downtime
  • Filtering and Highlighted Search

Windows LogosLicense: Freeware (End User License Agreement)

Requirements: Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2

Download: Tom’s AD Object Recovery, Version (64-bit) (MD5: 0339E4597FCADC8D1D7F154DE81A0D65 )

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