Tom's FileZilla Password Recovery

Decode and recover stored FileZilla3 FTP Client passwords


Tom's FileZilla Password Recovery

Screenshot of Tom’s FileZilla Password Recovery showing the user interface.

Tom’s FileZilla Password Recovery is a free Windows utility that allows you to decode and recover FileZilla3 FTP Client passwords that are stored in the FileZilla Site Manager or that are stored in the Quickconnect history.

Have you ever forgotten your FTP account passwords because it was stored and you never had to type it in except for that very first time? Are you using FileZilla FTP Client in an enterprise environment and your users forgetting account passwords?

Tom’s FileZilla Password Recovery was created to assist network administrators and IT support staff with the task of decoding and recover stored FileZilla FTP Client credentials.

How does it work?

FileZilla FTP Client passwords are stored in two locations. The first being the Site Manager (sitemanager.xml) and the second  the Quick Connect (recentservers.xml). Both files are located in the FileZilla folder within the user’s roaming profile. The passwords are stored using an encoding scheme called Base64. Tom’s FileZilla Password Recovery enumerates the FTP credentials stored within these two locations and decodes the passwords using Base64 decoding allowing you to quickly decode tens or hundreds of FTP passwords at the click of a button.


  • Innovative User Interface
  • One-click password recovery of encoded passwords stored in local Site Manager
  • One-click password recovery of encoded passwords stored in local Quick Connect’s Recent Server History
  • Browse and select sitemanager.xml and recentservers.xml files for decoding
  • Export results to Microsoft Excel or Comma Separated Values (CSV) files

Windows Logos

Freeware (End User License Agreement)

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2

Tom’s FileZilla Password Recovery , Version (64-bit) (MD5: 94e63349232e742a030ef7baa65a0448  )

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